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03 October 2013

Meet elementary OS

Following the former article here is a brief introduction to elementary operating system or in short eOS.

First thing you'll notice about eOS is that it's beautiful maybe the most beautiful Linux distro out there, but what about all the other important features of an OS, after you're done admiring the looks of it can eOS really deliver the goods? 

A short answer would be yes! eOS delivers and doing so with style, a style some may say is reminding them very much of another popular OS...

can you see the resemblance?

"in fact eOS is so fluent that everyone who first uses it is struck by how lightning fast it is when it comes to opening applications for instance."

Whether eOS is actually copying OS X or just inspired by it - you can judge for yourselves, but surely you just can't ignore the fact eOS development team is doing a wonderful job at creating new apps and bringing them smoothly at the edge of your finger tips to play with.
some of these new apps are: 
  • Music (Noise): Audio player
  • Scratch: Simple text editor
  • Pantheon Terminal: Terminal emulator
  • Pantheon Files: File manager
  • Calendar (Maya): Desktop calendar. 
all these apps and more are built on top of the Pantheon Greeter: eOS Session manager.

What makes eOS special than other linux distros among else is its Design Philosophy which made for making sure eOS would stay cohesive and fluent there by it gains more efficiency and of course its beautiful looks. in fact eOS is so fluent that everyone who first uses it is struck by how lightning fast it is when it comes to opening applications for instance.

Moreover eOS also has great helping forums, site and community relations which making it possible to get answers even straightforwardly from the developers themselvs - that's a big advantage when you need exact answers.

On the technical side of things it's worth to mention eOS is based off of Ubuntu's LTS (Long Term Support) versions and also draws its repository from it which leads me to the drawbacks I've found in it: a significant part of the non default packages are outdated since eOS team is not as big as Canonical's (Ubuntu) one it's just make sense it would be that way,
another issue that might turn some people off is eOS release schedule - they have non - they release when it's ready not before. so some might like that for stability reasons others might not if they like to live on the edge.

All in all I think it safe to say eOS is a great distribution and if you haven't tried it yet - then you probably should, click on the rabbit to follow him into his rabbit's hole ;-)

click for downloading eOS

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